Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Choosing the right hosting solution

If your like me then you know that choosing a good website host for your business can be a challenge. It often takes hours and hours of research before you find a company that suites your needs at a price you can afford.

So what I did for you free of charge was check out all of the major hosting providers, one by one, evaluating their services closely, looking for anyone who stands out, who consistently provides reliable solutions, and who are willing to help with any problem, no matter how small.

As you can imagine, the actual number of hosts meeting such criteria is relatively small and are hard to find due to sheer amount of competition going on. So who makes the cut? Here's the scoop.

1.) Hostgator

This web host offers a number of web hosting plans. Their cheapest plan, at $6.95 per month (paid annually), offers 3.5 GB disk space, 50 GB data transfer (bandwidth), 20 subdomains, 20 FTP accounts, unlimited MySQL, CGI, Perl, PHP, SSI, FrontPage extensions, 20 POP3 accounts, email aliases, autoresponders, Spam Assassin spam filtering, a control panel, various preinstalled scripts that you can use on your site (including blogs, forums, chat rooms, etc), web statistics, raw web logs, shared SSL, etc. At $9.95 a month, you can even place unlimited domains in your account (among other things - see their site in my bio for details).

I also liked how quick yet personal they were with the delivery of their messages. Another thing I noticed is that websites being hosted by them loaded faster than most all others.

2.) target=_top>Lonex

This webhost offers a number of hosting plans like Hostgator. The best plan was for $4.95 a month with 15 GB Disk space, 300 GB Transfer, and a FREE Domain name. Also you can have up to 100 POP3 e-mail accounts, 100 e-mail aliases, and 10 SubDomains. However unlike Hostgator you can only use 1 MySQL Database and have 1 Domain hosted.

I hate to say it but Lonex was the only other hosting solution I could find that met my standards(I looked for hours!). Very customer oriented in every aspect. The advantage with Lonex is that you get premium service for a tight budget.

So there you go, just a little free information on which website hosts will help keep you making money online. I wish you luck with your website! :)

Thursday, May 25, 2006

A free site for marketing resources

I was surfing today to stay caught up on affiliate marketing news and I found a nice site with with free tools, marketing resources, advertising ideas & promotional strategies. You can use these free resources to attract serious traffic to your website . You can also advertise in her e-zine which has 65,000+ subscribers.

These resources can be found at EvieB.com. There's a retractable side menu on the left. With the free articles near the bottom. I hope you enjoy!

Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Finding the next big business opportunity

People often ask... "Josey, how do I find the next big business opportunity?". This is the answer I give them.

Firstly, you need to be on the bleeding edge of the online marketing world. I suggest reading for about an hour a day though the most popular marketing and business forums. Don't just read and post in your specialty. Look through each and every forum category. Ask yourself questions while reading the threads. For example, "Is that idea profitable", "How can I implement those strategies in my advertising campaigns" and so on. Freely associate after reading about new concepts. Trust your mind and don't stifle it. People often forget that creativity is a powerplayer in the online business world.

Secondly, do a search on the top ten keywords in your business category through Yahoo Search Marketing(Overture). Now go to Google and do 10 separate searches, each using the top rated search terms for your business site. We are doing this to examine your competition.

Next, go to each of the business sites in the first page of results. Make sure to have a notebook or writing program handy. Use either of them to write down each of the features your competitor has and you don't. Try to find a correlation between their success and techniques and once a few are found start putting them to work for you.

Lastly, don't be afraid to experiment. Buy a hosting account that can host unlimited domains for a set price and put 5 websites up using the correlations you found previously. Out of the 5 sites, you should gain 2 or 3 winners. I recommend using Hostgator . I use them for nearly all of my site projects.

Tuesday, May 23, 2006

How to track your Blogs search engine position for free

By a stroke of luck I found a place online willing to give search engine rankings just for blogs! I decided to sign up to take their service for a test run. Well, I can certainly say that it was quick and painless, and best of all it was free(no strings)! Once your in, you can manually set their server to email you once a day or once per week with your blog ranking. Every report includes your rank with up to 4 separate keyword phrases. This free online service can be found here. Overall I rate this as "Not to shabby" ;)

3 incredible secrets super-affiliates don't want you to know

Super-affiliates are the big guns of the affiliate world. They are the guys that can pull in $3000 or more a month, each and every month. What are their secrets? Incredible Profits investigates.

1.) Many high end affiliates have actually recruted an army of affiliates themselves. One popular place to recruite is Clickbank. Getting started is easy with their well written web instructions. Using this super affiliate technique could at least double your profits within a few weeks.

2.) E-zines are indispensable. I have to tell you, having an ezine published every few weeks is vitally important to your continued growth as an online marketer. It also enhances credibility which in turn boosts sales.

3.) Joint ventures with other affiliates can benefit you greatly by increasing traffic as well as gaining credibility with your partners e-zine subscribers.

By using these valuable techniques of the super-affiliates, you can rake in the cash like never before.

Monday, May 22, 2006

The Power of Viral Marketing

What do nearly all of the online business guru's have in common? They take advantage of viral marketing techniques. Viral marketing is any marketing technique that induces clients to pass on your product to other clients. All of this quickly leads to phenomenal growth in your sales and valuable exposure. You may now be wondering... How am I supposed get started doing this?

By far and the away the most effective method is to write an ebook and then distribute it for little or no cost. Simply find a niche, take several hours to construct it and then let your marketing campaign attract profits like a magnet.

The trick with the ebook technique is to include occasional mentions of your product without actually attempting to sell it. Integration is the key. Also, be sure your ebook is genuinely useful. Viral marketing only works when people are enthused enough to pass on the information you gave them.

Lastly, I've found that submitting an article with links to your ebook and website in the bio section will often create bursts of purchases while simultaneously lowering advertising costs. I suggest the following four article directories to gain plenty of free exposure.

Article City

Go Articles

E-Zine Articles

Submit Content

Steer clear of banner ads

Inevitibly on your journey to a profitable online business you will encounter the opportunity to advertise your venture via banner ads. Well, I'm here to tell you that doing so could spell disaster. The following are the top three reasons to steer clear of banner ads.

1.) People plain dislike them. Causing your customers grief, even briefly, will dramatically decrease the sales conversion rate.

2.) Banner ads simply don't convert well nor do they produce significant ROI for the average affiliate marketer. Typically, only large online businesses benefit to the extent necessary to justify initial costs.

3.) Last but not least, the third reason why you should steer clear of banner ads is that they often cause the visitor to become closed minded. This can hurt in the future due to them being exposed to your product previously with a negative state of mind. Customers can't trust you with a closed mind, and trust of course is paramount to establishing a satisfying business relationship.

Sunday, May 21, 2006

Testing... Testing... 123

Hi, I'm Josey Frankman and this is my blog, Incredible Profits. So what is the Incredible Profits blog about? Well, it's about increasing your ability to accumulate wealth through online marketing strategies. Whether your an affiliate marketer or you have your own product, my powerful tips and techniques will add a significant boost to your ability to reap in profits. Please stay tuned for new daily content & updates.